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Post  Grillz420 on Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:53 pm

Sup Shadow Knights What a Face umm herez my deck shop here 2help everybdy if u need help wit ur deckz or want a new deck here it iz i only made 5 in da game so far bu i'll b makin more lil by lil wen i get bored =d so herez da list gud wunz will cost 200 creditz nd otherz will b 100 creditz nd deck recipez which meanz helpz 4 ur deckz will b 50 credits i'll help u wit any deckz so come 2me btw i made all these deckz by myself no help 4rm anbdy well hope u lyk them. =)

Here r da 200cred deckz
1.Water Deck
2.Dragon Deck
3.Machine Deck
4.Exodia Deck

Here r da 100cred Deckz
1.Fire Deck
2.Zombie Deck
3.Elemental Deck
4.Gear Golem Deck

50 Creds
I can help u wit any deckz u need help just cost u 50 Creds =D

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